The Joint Conference on Serious Games (JCSG 2016)

The international Joint Conference on Serious Games – JCSG 2016 brings together the 7th Serious Games Development & Applications (SGDA 2016) and 6th GameDays 2016 conferences.

Games, Play, Interactions and Art with Purpose

Skyline along the Brisbane river - Photo Russ Brown

Serious games are simulations and games for purposes beyond pure entertainment. Serious games stretches across a broad spectrum of application domains, ranging from game-based learning, simulation and training, through games for health, well-being and behaviour change, marketing and business, to games for tourism and cultural heritage, and games to raise awareness and provoke questioning on environmental, moral and social issues. The adoption and use of serious games in recent years has been significant and widespread. Already worldwide revenues from the game-based learning and simulation sectors have well exceeded the billion dollar mark and this is forecast to double over the next five years* At the same time, technological and artistic innovation in serious games and gamification is creating new ways to play, interact and experience.

The development of serious games is a creative pursuit typically involving design, science, technology and art. As such, the Joint Conference on Serious Games aims to bring together researchers, developers, practitioners, designers, writers, artists and consumers of serious games.